To make a real estate purchase proposal , the buyer must indicate certain mandatory information. The purchase offer must include, in addition to the identity of the purchaser, at least the description of the Property Valuers Adelaide and the price.

 It is customary to specify whether the purchase is subject to a condition precedent of borrowing and if so, the amount of the loan, the expected duration and the maximum rate accepted are indicated. It is advisable to limit the offer in time , which encourages the seller to position himself quickly.

The purchase of real estate is a complex contract involving numerous formalities.

It is therefore not possible to go directly to the deed of sale with a notary.

It is advisable to sign a preliminary contract then two to three months later the deed of sale with payment of the price and delivery of the keys to the notary. Depending on the region and the habits of professionals, the pre-contract is called a compromise, a private signature or a promise of sale.

It sets all the conditions and guarantees attached to the specificity of the property sold (co-ownership, construction less than ten years old). It is the essential contract where everything is decided. All the diagnoses are covered there as well as all the useful information for the future owner:

  • condominium fees
  • information of a subdivision specifications
  • particular area

The compromise is generally drafted by the notary. As an exception, some agencies also write it. This compromise will be given to the bank or broker to set up the financing file. It will be notified to the purchaser to purge the withdrawal period.

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